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    Lovely photos and informative review. It’s a pity they made you feel a little bad for being just one person there. However I know of several places who advocate table sharing, you’re placed with another person, or they are seated at your table, if you’re on your own.
    Anyway, we have a forum discussion going on about tea rooms in New York city, so I linked to your article, so everyone can add this place too. If you’re interested in the other tea rooms mentioned there, here’s the link:

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    I did go back a second time, with a full group, for a better experience, but I can not find those notes!

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    Sloshing your tea is not on. Next time I am in NYC, I shall drop in and chastise them. That’ll teach them.

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    I want to check this place out. Thanks for the introduction.

    You know, this is a perfect example of how social media affects business. You went to this place hesitantly, and although the actual product was ok (good even), the service tainted the experience.

    Unlike in the past, where you might’ve told a handful of friends, here I am in Germany aware that this place is to be approached with caution.

    I’m very sensitive to the issues of waitstaff, but there’s no excuse for making you feel unwelcome.

    Off of my soapbox now.

    Having said all that, I’d definitely check it out were I in New York. Again, thanks for the tip.

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      The second time I went was better (with two others) waitstaff wise. i also hear from friends chapter III is less busy and hence less rushed. I meant to visit I & III but never enough time….

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    As with many places in NYC it’s the luck of the draw, they have good days and bad days. I have been there as a single (at the same location) and the service was fine. It might have been because of the hour I arrived which was a slow period. Glad you had a better time the second time around.

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