Empress secret

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Empress secret


I got to try this and it tasted great, like a tangy ginger fruit juice blend. In fact that’s the most prevalent flavor, so those who aren’t ginger fans may be turned off. First it’s lemon, then ginger, then fruit, then the familiar after tingle of ginger – like when you eat the pickled ginger between your sushi rolls.

Extra bonus for my health conscious friends it has no artificial stuff, but I am never one to believe any health claims. First things are good for you, then things are bad for you, then they are miracle things! Lets just settle for all natural ingredients, and delicious.

I ordered myself a case online to enjoy at work shortly after getting home from the expo.

The key ingredients are
Goji Berries
Lotus Seeds
Dragon Eye Fruit
Jujube Dates

I spoke with Lola and Yuping – They are both very passionate about their product, and extremely nice individuals.

They are also looking for distributors but you can purchase online!

Have you gotten to try this? What do you think?

For my readers you can email in a coupon and get a discount after you place your order!