The tea pound

My cupboard is full of teas which are languishing for lack of attention.

My solution – try all of them, at least one cup, then sell them off!

My tea habit has me desiring to try every tea I can, then move on to the next, resulting in teas that come in larger than sample size being neglected. If you are like me, hopefully you can benefit by grabbing some of my teas you have not yet tried.

I plan to ship only using flat rate boxes from USPS, and will gladly combine shipping on as many teas will fit in each box.

Let’s see how this experiment goes.


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    I think you just need more shelves. Look at all that white space that could be filled with more tea.

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    Good stuff. Everyone loves a lady with a cabinet full of tea! Btw, love your cabinet!!! Great picture!

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    Well, what do you do with teas that you actually like? Are they also neglected?

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    I have the same problem. For now, I have two of these little pseudo pharmaceutical little shelves which allows me to stock 18 teas at a time but I always want to experiment more of them.

    Tell me doctor, am I normal?

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      Start your own pound, like pokemon, gotta try them all!
      I am afraid it’s serious, you are a…tea addict
      The only cure-drink more tea 😉

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