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    I am so glad you told me the story behind this bottle. I know you met the creator and discussed the significance of loose leaf tea. Turning just one more young person to the loose leaf side. I am certain @thedevotea approves.

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      I purchased mine today, I told him I’d see if it works with loose leaf (I think it will) and he said he was already designing a screen for tea.

      I hope he remembers te*bags is a curse word!

  2. zincsulfate


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    Thanks for the shout out. As a teenager who is just starting out in business I appreciate all the feedback and support I can get. I think our glass and bamboo bottle will do really well in the tea community and we have identified an infuser ball for loose tea that works well with all our bottles. Testing out some fruit infused iced tea recipes now. Also working with AuthenTea (met them at the Expo) with some of their products for a very quick infusing iced tea. – Carter

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