Qterra NOVO Travel Tea Brewer with CoolStraw

I have now heard about this tea brewer from trusted tea blogger friends, my mom (she heard from her patients) and online.

I’m interested and have passed it around to my sister and she passed it to her friends.

Read the below and let me know – what do you think?

Pierre’s tea brewer, the Qterra NOVO Travel Tea Brewer with CoolStraw

“Over the next 30 days, we’ll have to raise $150,000 to pay the costs of final engineering, molds (very expensive) and materials for the first production run. By Kickstarter’s rules, we raise $150,000—or we get nothing.”

“Understand, this is not a donation. In exchange for ordering a new Qterra NOVO in advance, you and all backers at that level will receive a NOVO (or 2 or 3) as soon as they’re finished. And you’ll get your NOVOs at a discount price.”


The inventor, Pierre Baston, developed the Qterra NOVO portable experience to allow steeping tea leaves multiple times, then it cools the brewed tea rapidly to the perfect drinking temperature. Bonus: hand sized, spill-proof, pushbutton unit.

Good tea on the go!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/qterrabrewers

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Qterra-Travel-Tea-Brewers/1590571547844554?ref=hl

Instagram: http://instagram.com/qterratravelbrewers

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/633162694/qterra-novo-travel-tea-brewer-with-coolstraw


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    I am puzzled by it since I don’t really get how it works and how you get it to the “right” temperature.
    I am also looking to see how long the water is kept warm.

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      they mention the straw along with the 140F a lot so i am thinking something about the straw speed cools the water

      yeah thermoses vary on efficacy so that would be interesting to find out

      I do love in the video seeing stuff around my old home turf, philly!

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    PS – i think it also drops 1.5 oz of water into the bottom cup there the straw goes? so that might be less insulated? that plus the straw?

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    Hi Xavier and Nicole. I appreciate the question. The first element in cooling the tea quickly is to cool it 1.5 oz. at a time. You can easily see how you can cool a spoonful of hot soup by blowing on it a lot quicker than you can cool the whole bowl, right? And the way we cool the tea to exactly 140F is by running the hot tea next to a compartment filled with heat-absorbing material called phase change material, or PCM. We chose a PCM that has a melting point of 140F. That means that just as an ice cube cools the liquid you pour on it to 32F, because that’s the melting point of ice, the Qterra NOVO cools hot tea to 140F, because that’s the melting point of our PCM. That’s the simplified explanation. I hope it makes sense. Also, although the cup of the prototype in the video isn’t insulated, the cup in all Qterra NOVOs will be insulated to maintain optimal brewing temperature there. All of the cooling by our CoolStraw system takes place after the brewed tea leaves the cup. Cheers!

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