Fine Words Butter No Parsnips

Robert, The Devotea, my partner in chaos, puts out a writing challenge.

So the shenanigans were to write about butter, no parsnips.

Luckily it was no parsnips as I can’t recalling having eaten any of those – I likely have as I belong to Glade Road Growing CSA here in Blacksburg Virginia.

So this post will be lacking in tea, if you came for tea perhaps you out to wande roff now and make yourself a cup. I myself am enjoying some 1910: English Breakfast myself while writing. And some chocolate.

If you wish to read what others came up with for this intriguing prompt check out here:

So back to butter, since we can ignore the parsnips.

I have been told that when I was young I ate butter with a spoon. I know when presented with things to butter I may apply an amount that others find to be too much.

It’s delicious, well good butter anyway.

I have heard of butter tea and butter coffee but will admit I have not tried them, I rarely bother with milk (unless it is chai) let alone fussing with butter.

But this rambly post will now wander to my family. Dad and Sister butter their toast in a very meticulous way. The toast must be warm. the butter must be even and thin to melt into the bread and not leave chunks unmelted. It takes time and effort to get right. When you are loved they might butter your toast for you, just make sure you butter the toast correctly for them if yo wish to return the favor or all hell will break lose.

This remind me of breakfast, buttered toast, eggs and bacon. Breakfast reminds me of earl grey. Earl grey reminds me of my mother. My mother reminds me why I started tea blogging – to find an earl grey that was not twinings (she was addicted). Becoming a tea blogger lead me to Robert and many other tea friends.

And now this post reminds me of if you give a mouse a cookie or a moose a muffin so I will stop there, and perhaps go make some buttered toast and have it with some earl grey.


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    Breakfast reminds me of breakfast in Ireland (with tea obviously).

    Why so much hate for the parsnips?

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    Sweet post Nicole. I love the “If you give a ” series, and your story does sound a bit like that. For the record, I love parsnips, like good butter and toast too. I wonder which butter you consider good? Here I’m a fan of Kerrygold and I had some excellent Finnish butter (I think it was from Finland) from Wholefoods. As to Earl Grey, it is usually my “go to” tea when I’m having tea in a coffee shop, even it’s not exactly my first choice at home.

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